Barcelona vs Real Madrid: 110 years of history

Real Madrid and Barcelona will play today the first Classic of the season (10:30 pm -CET-). It will be the first leg of the Super Cup of Spain, a competition where they have faced five times. In total, 219 games in 110 years of history where they accumulate data and anecdotes.

2 Spanish Super Cups won by Real Madrid against Barcelona
Spanish Super Cups won by Real Madrid against Barcelona

Classics. Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced in 219 official matches, with a record of 87 white wins, 86 wins for Barcelona and 46 draws. If Barcelona defeats Real Madrid today, will equal in overall victories in the history of the Classic.

Camp Nou. For the second time in history, three straight Classics will be played in the same stadium, the Camp Nou. Not happened since 1916, when Real Madrid was the home team in three consecutive Cup clashes against Barcelona, played in the field of Atletico Madrid.

Spanish Super Cup. Barcelona and Real Madrid have won 18 out of the 28 Super Cup titles (64%). Barcelona leads the list of the Spanish Super-Champions (Barcelona 10, Real Madrid 8).

Regulars. Of the 26 Super Cup finals that have been played (two titles were granted without play the tournament), only in 3 were not neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona; Espanyol-Deportivo (2000), Deportivo-Valencia (2002) and Zaragoza-Valencia (2004).

Five finals. Real Madrid and Barcelona have met in five finals of the Spanish Super Cup. Real Madrid won the first four (1988, 1990, 1993, 1997) and lost the last (2011), achieving five victories in 10 games. White team was defeated in three times and got two draws.

Champions. Barcelona have won the last five finals of the Supercopa of Spain it has played (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011), the last three also consecutively. No club has managed to raise over four consecutive Super Cup (Real Madrid also won three consecutive editions: in 1988, 1989 and 1990).

Double match. Real Madrid and Barcelona have seen the faces up to 23 times in two-legged ties (11 Spanish Cup, 5 Super Cup, 3 in the League Cup and 4 in the European Cup). The Whites were classified in 12 occasions (5 in Spanish Cup, 4 in Super Cup, 1 in the League Cup and 2 in the European Cup), while Barca did in 11 (6 in Cup, 1 in Super Cup, 2 League Cup and 2 in the European Cup).

First Goal. In 14 of the last 18 Super Cup finals have been contested in Spain (78%), the team that scored the first goal achieved the title. The only exceptions occurred in the editions of 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2011.

League champion. 16 out of the 26 Super Cup finals played have been won by the Spanish league champion, including 9 out of the last 12 editions of the tournament. Real Madrid only lost two finals of the Super Cup as league champions: 1995 (Deportivo) and 2007 (Seville).In the 3 finals of the Super Cup of Spain to which Real Madrid and Barcelona came as champions of league and cup respectively, Whites took three titles (1988, 1990 and 1997), winning 4 out of the 6 matches.

Super Cup without league championship. The Real Madrid is not champion of the Spanish league after winning the Super Cup final since the 1988-89 season. Since then, the Whites won six Super Cups and in those seasons, it could not achieve the league title.

Leaders. Guardiola and Amor are the most capped players in the history of the Super Cup, with 14, and with more minutes: 1,120 and 1,091, respectively. Meanwhile, Messi appears as the competition's top scorer (8 goals), followed by Raul (7). Figo is the best assistant with 6 assists (Michel, with 4, is second).

With more victories. Xavi and Beguiristain are the two players with more wins in the history of the Super Cup, with seven each. If Xavi wins the match tonight, will head the list alone.

Xavi. He is the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Super Cup, after scoring in the 1998 edition with only 18 years and 205 days age. The Barcelona midfielder has scored in three different editions (1998, 2006 and 2009) and if he does in this, will match the record of Stoichkov, who scored in four different finals (1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996).

Iker vs Messi. Messi and Casillas have faced in 19 Classics. The Argentinian has shot in 71 occasions and only scored 13 goals (18.3%). In contrast, the Real Madrid captain has made 27 saves (38%). Barcelona's player also shot one a time to the post (1.4%) and 30 outside (42.3%).

Matches with goal against. Casillas has six straight matches getting goals against in the Spanish Super Cup. Same as the former Barcelona goalkeeper Ruud Hesp between 1997 and 1999. If tonight Casillas allows another goal against Real Madrid, the white captain will lead this classification.

Di Stefano is the top scorer of the Classics. Di Stéfano scored against Barcelona 23 goals and is the top scorer in the Classics. Raul follows him on the list with 15, surpassing by one to the legendary Cesar (Barcelona forward) and Real Madrid myths as Gento and Puskas. Messi is sixth with 13 goals, 8 of them in the Super Cup, but has not scored in the last four matches against Real Madrid. Meanwhile Cristiano has scored in the last three Classics and already has six goals against Barcelona in only three seasons.

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