Preciado: "I'm sure Mourinho is a good guy"

Manolo Preciado (Sporting Gijón coach) will face the match against Real Madrid the next day, with all the controversy of months ago forgotten, with "enormous enthusiasm" and the idea of "visit the Bernabeu Stadium each year because that means we are still in first division" as announced to reporters at press conference.

After the famous controversy he had with Mourinho months ago, Gijon coach does not hesitate to talk about the Portuguese "I think he is a great coach and I am sure he is a good guy", adding that "sure Real Madrid have said him the same about Preciado".

Manolo Preciado

Therefore, to put an end to this situation, the red-white coach does not doubt to ensure that: "I have no problem with anyone". About the possibility that his players have a"hostile" reception, he said "It is being just a football game".

About the chances of Sporting in the white arena, Preciado said that "we will start to play in the field with the point that gives us the Federation, and we will try to win two more" noting that playing in Chamartin "Is always special". Thinking of salvation, the coach predicted that "Ten teams will fight for playing next year in the first division. We need about 40 or 42 points".

Finally, focusing on his teamplate and the change that has suffered in recent months, notes that "We have changed in terms of results. The team was almost dead with a very bad dynamic, but I think before Santander match, we play with more confidence and we were lucky that lacked in the past".

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