Interview: José Mourinho

The Portuguese coach went through all the news surrounding the club. He denied there is doping in football and tried to remove the pressure of winning everything.

Jose Mourinho

Money is everything in the world of football?
No. The essence of football is to play it, enjoy it and win. But it is a big business. From a social point of view is the most important global phenomenon.

Is immoral that players and coaches earn as much money?
I think we earn a lot compared to the difficulties that people have. The problem is how much you produce. Football is an industry that feeds a lot of people if it is well managed. There are situations where teams fail to succeed due to the mismanagement of managers.

Would you be happy if you failed in Madrid?
Sure. There are coaches who fail in all clubs. Why not me? When I have no success try to find the reasons.

The 5-0 against Barcelona is your worst nightmare?
No. Winning the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona remains one of the happiest moments of my life.

You told the players that fate would lead them to play against Barcelona in the Champions League and Spanish Cup final?
No. I told them that the season did not end there. We would meet again.

What about the strike?
I do not agree nor disagree.

Would be better to play against Barcelona in the League after the Cup final?
I do not mind. They are separate things. The first match will not have some influence in the second game. These meetings have always a unique meaning and have no influence.

What if Real Madrid loses against Barcelona in the three competitions?
Nothing. Barcelona will win the League and Cup and will be in the Champions League final. Good for them and bad for us. Reaching April and losing all three competitions would be unfair. The difficult thing is to get to April and fight for the three competitions.

Chelsea or Inter Milan in a Champions League Final?
It is the impossible question. Before the draw I said I did not want to face against them because it isemotionally difficult. Some Inter players asked me to apologize for celebrating the victory against Chelsea in the last quarterfinals. They are two important teams in my life.

Why is there doping in cycling and not in football?
It's a trick question. They are different sports. With another level of requirements and a different schedule. I think there is not doping in football, although one or two players have tested positive.
How many anti-doping controls are there?
I do not know exactly but I repeat that I think there is no doping. There are two or three players a year with a positive test... This does not mean anything.

Do you trust the referees?
Yes, I do not doubt their honesty. But they are men and sometimes disappoint me. I do not think they work against Madrid or anyone else. But sometimes they create bad feelings: a team is perfect and then in the same circumstances there is a card for my team and not for other.

Do you protect the Real Madrid players?
Yes, they are my family, my people.

Would you sign Messi?
There is not coach who said he would not want Messi. He would be crazy. But, it's impossible.

Is Florentino the best president you had?
I can not answer this question nor who was my best player. They are things that can not be answered. But I'm very comfortable with Florentino and when we finish work, I'm sure he will be my friend like Abramovich or Moratti.

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