Mourinho's future (4): Mourinho is getting closer to Chelsea

Although some British newspapers insist that Mourinho has everything agreed with Chelsea, the issue is not closed at all. Advanced, yes, but not closed. This explains, for example, the Mourinho's press conference after the elimination in the semifinals of Champions League when the Portuguese coach said there was a possibility of leaving Real Madrid: "I know that some England clubs want me, especially one," he said. Some people from Chelsea insist that there is nothing signed yet and that his words should be understood in the context of his dream (coaching in English football) and as a way of pressuring Roman Abramovich. If he would had all already agreed, why talk that way? Why re-emphasize the requited love that comes from London?

Mourinho in the shadows of the Real Madrid bench
Jose Mourinho

The Russian tycoon surely knows what Petr Cech said recently at Radio Montecarlo:"It will be a great pleasure to work with him (Mourinho)" and the interested statements of Peter Kenyon, a partner of agent Jorge Mendes and former executive director of Chelsea: "Guardiola was a candidate, that's for sure, but you can not have him. Manuel Pellegrini may be listed, but if I had to choose between Pellegrini and Jose, I will always choose Jose."

The Real Madrid players and some board members believe, for at least two months ago, Mourinho has an agreement with Chelsea. But there are still things to fix. Roman Abramovich will not give him the reins of the signings: there are still at the club players with huge salaries (Mourinho's time) and others had to be undersold because they showed their shortcomings when, and without the Portuguese on the bench, were asked to play a more offensive football. Roman Abramovich wants to keep the structure of the club with a sporting director and for now, Mourinho would accept that condition. Moreover, as explained by the Sunday Times, Lampard would want to stay at the club, but the owner does not want to renew him and Mourinho will not object. Although Mourinho still consider PSG as a viable alternative, his desire is to go to London where his daughter is studying at an art school and where his son wants to continue his education. In fact, he will not even ask the condition that the team qualifies for the Champions League.

On the other hand, Jose Mourinho is giving clues about his future in the short term. If after the elimination of the Champions League began to talk of Real Madrid in the past, yesterday he staged a new chapter that shows he has virtually made ​​the bags. A Spanish television program revealed that the Portuguese coach was at an IKEA center and spent 200 euros in packing boxes and duct tape. An anecdote that may indicate that Mourinho is starting to prepare his move although the white team has to play the Spanish Cup Final and while the club tries to close the signing of a substitute.

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