Jose Mourinho has confidence in Antonio Adan

Iker Casillas will occupy the goal of Real Madrid tomorrow against Celta in the Spanish Cup and on Saturday against Osasuna (Spanish League, Day 19). But it will not for long. For the next match, against Valencia, on Wednesday, January 16th in Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup competition if Whites defeat Celta, or on Sunday, January 19th at Mestalla in League match, Mourinho has decided that Antonio Adan will return to the starting lineup.

Antonio Adan and Iker Casillas during a Real Madrid match
Antonio Adan and Iker Casillas

Yesterday the coach showed immune to sonic blast that some fans of the Bernabeu Stadium gave him when his name was announced over the loudspeaker, in what is the most obvious mismatch between the Portuguese and the Real Madrid fans to date. Mourinho has very clear what he wants and as has told his closest staff, is not going to doubt when it comes to making decisions that considers more beneficial for the team.

Mourinho defends himself: "I can not do anything. If people do not want to understand that basically the only problem I have with Casillas is that he is not in shape. The relationship does not care", he says. He only wants Casillas to save the rival shots and he is not doing it. Or not as well as before. While, Mourinho gave as an example the third goal from Xabi Prieto, a diagonal shot to the right hand from the side of the smaller area. The coach emphasized that the goal showed a Casillas out of shape in his specialty, the one on one. "But this decision has not to annoy Iker Casillas or the fans. I do it out of conviction", Mourinho says.

Mourinho does not see Casillas at good level and thinks he needs a goalkeeper in order to have competition and play his best every matchday. It is not new. Goes way back. In fact, this summer was one of the points of disagreement with the club in terms of signings, together with Lucas Moura.

The coach managed good reports of several goalkeepers to motivate Iker; among them were Roberto Jimenez (Zaragoza) and Andres Fernandez (Osasuna). Even David De Gea, remote option because Mourinho was searching for an intermediate level goalkeeper between Casillas and Adan. Mourinho has never hidden the need to promote competition and showed it on Sunday at the press conference: "I do not like to be always in the comfortable position of being a hero forever, regardless of my performance. So if the fans think I am not working according to their wishes, is OK".

Casillas, meanwhile, tries to keep the peace, he works to regain his place in the starting lineup and is aware that does not go through his best moment and remains in his role as captain, above all, looks after the interests of the group. So zero conflicts, as demonstrated in the press conference that started the Real Madrid year: "I'm not a machine, there are better and worse times, but I feel good and I train to regain a place on the field. Then the coach decides. I have a colleague who is also a friend, a ten as a person. Adan has our full support and confidence. Real Madrid is above Casillas". Impeccable.

But Iker believes that Mourinho's decision is a personal matter. Against the permanent comfort argument, Casillas has been awarded the last six seasons as goalkeeper for the best team of the year so he can not agree. In addition nor Silvinho Louro (does not speak with him for two months) neither Mourinho have congratulated him for the award as best goalkeeper in the world that awarded the IFFHS.

The relationship between captain and coach, rather than cold, is icy. It is an open secret. Florentino Perez looks with concern to this break, which threatens to blow up the peace in the locker room when approaching the critical stage of the season. From the club, yesterday insisted that "the decision of Mourinho, though risky, is what we have to abide. We were not expecting this, but we understand that we can not take part by none other than the coach."

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