Sergio Ramos keeps his fight with Mourinho

After the win against Deportivo, Sergio Ramos talked to the media: "I die with my ideas and my principles, and if there is something I do not like, why do I have to keep quiet? I do not have so much experience as the coach but nobody can doubt my work and loyalty to the club".

Mourinho talks to Ramos
Sergio Ramos and Jose Mourinho

The message was clearly aimed at Mourinho, who had spoken the day before about the player: "When Ramos is focused on football gives me everything that can provide a defender; security, quality to play the ball, force in free-kick plays and leadership. He is one of the best when he has the necessary commitment".

Hours later, Sergio Ramos went back to the right-back position, a place where he did not play since April 5, against APOEL in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The discomfort of Arbeloa (though was on the bench) and physical problems of Essien, set Ramos in a position where for years he did not feel at ease. The reason is simple: when Ramos plays at the right-back is required to attack and is criticized for not defending. And a hundred meters leading to much criticism.

But that last location should not be included in lawsuits between player and coach. In fact, it was Mourinho who has recovered Sergio Ramos to the center of the defense, place he occupied when he moved to Madrid in 2005. Last season, following a Carvalho's injury, the coach placed Ramos as center-back. It was the seventh matchday of the season. Thereafter, the performance of the player increased: he was the best player of the team against Villarreal, at the Mestalla stadium, against Granada, in Getafe, against Sevilla and Bilbao. Del Bosque paid attention to this move and Sergio Ramos had a new role in the Spanish national team. He played as right-back at Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010, but played as center defender the last European Championship 2012 and was called up in the best team of the tournament.

However, the season of the return to origins also brought the first problems with Mourinho. After losing at home of Levante in the fourth day of the league, Ramos disappeared from the starting line-up of the next game. The sin of the defender was to contradict the version of the coach, who charged against the referee and the assistants. "We have not to mention the referee and there are no excuses", said Ramos.

In January, the Spanish media released the confrontation between Mourinho and several Spanish players in the squad. Real Madrid had lost against Barcelona at the Bernabeu (1-2) in the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup. The following day, in Valdebebas, Mourinho criticized his players by their statements: "Oh yeah, as you have been World champions your friends of the press protect you... like the goalkeeper". Also chided Ramos: "Where were you on the first goal, Sergio?". "I was with Piqué" replied the player. "Well, you had to follow Puyol". "Yes, but they were doing screens with Piqué and we changed the marks". "What, now are you coaching?" Mourinho asked him. The player did not hold back: "As you have never played football you do not known about these situations".

The next episode, more recently, came after the defeat in Seville. Mourinho said after the conclusion of the match that he had no team and wished to have the opportunity to make seven changes. Ramos returned to have his own ideas: "I always say that here we are all guilty, from first to last. When we win, we all do it and when we lose, the same".

Ramos was out of the Real Madrid starting line-up for the European debut against Manchester City "for technical reasons". Özil was the other sacrificed. Sergio appeared again at the starting line-up against Rayo. Finished the game and asked about the substitution against City, said: "The things of the family, stay inside. What runs through my veins is Real Madrid and what is happening, is for me". And so things continue, according to recent statements by Ramos. It seems that Mourinho has faced a character as proud as his. Curious match: the best coach in the world against one of the best center defenders.

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