Legends: Juan Padrós


Juan Padrós

Born in Barcelona in 1869, son of Timoteu Padrós and Paula Rubio, who ran a textile business in the Catalan capital. In 1886 he moved to Madrid, where he led with his brother Carlos, the family business “Al Capricho”, a fabric boutique at number 48, Calle de Alcala.

On March 6, 1902, along with his brother and former members of the Sky Foot Ball Club, founded the named Madrid Foot Ball Club. Juan Padrós was elected to the Constituent Assembly as the first official president of the club and took charge of the probate proceedings of the society, whose first office was installed in the back room of his own trade of Alcalá.

The first meeting of the new formed club took place just three days later face among themselves members of the entity, divided into two groups: blue and red. Juan Padrós, sided with the former, while his brother was the referee of the match.

After creating the new club, the efforts of the brothers parents focus on the implementation of a national inter-club championship. The Championship of Spain was organized by the club, always with the help of his brother Carlos, then chairman of the regional federation.

In 1903 Juan Padrós saw as the presiding club won their first title, the Central Regional Championship.

In early 1904, Madrid FC absorbed “AS Amicale” and, shortly afterwards, joined the “Moderno FC”, after which Juan Padrós left the club presidency in favor of his brother.

After a long period away from the football matters, the name of Juan Padrós returned to the present in July 1911, when the assembly of the Spanish Federation of Foot-ball Clubs asked him, as president. The pressures did, finally, Padrós to accept the position on an interim basis that had rejected a year earlier. His term lasted only one year, long enough to achieve the reunification of Spanish football around the Royal Spanish Football Federation, founded in September 1913.

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