Pepe: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a machine"

Real Madrid defender Pepe believes that Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the Ballon d'Or. He stated in an interview the Portuguese central defender granted to the newspaper 'O Jogo'. "He is a machine" he said referring to his teammate for club and national team.


Pepe is very clear, he would give the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or) for Cristiano because he is the "best player in the world". In comparison with Messi said that "It is hard to choose, but Ronaldo is a more complete player. He is a machine", he continued, and even if Cristiano was not the top scorer of the year, argued that "Cristiano deserves the highest individual award". In addition, continuing with the discussion Cristiano-Messi, the player has indicated that the achievement of the Spanish League "the most competitive in the world" by Real Madrid should help Cristiano Ronaldo to win against the Argentine star.

On a personal level, the international has admitted he is in a "calm and stable phase". "The renewal with Real Madrid has given me stability", he said. "I am fine physically, calm and with confidence", he said confidently. Pepe renewed his contract with Real Madrid in last July. The Portuguese player confessed that other strong European teams were interested in his services, but he explained why chose white team. Pepe: "Real Madrid is a club that has always treated fairly and very well. I think that people recognize that I always give my best on the field and that iswhy I get many supporters admiration", said the Real Madrid defender.

Pepe will meet next Saturday to his teammates Özil and Khedira in the match of Eurocup 2012 that will face Portugal and Germany. Regarding the meeting with the Germans, the Portuguese defender has acknowledged that he joked about it with his "friends" in some training, but has stressed that "they all play their best in defense of their interests", which this time will be divergent.

Pepe has a big dream and does not hide it. The Portuguese defender wants to put his hands at the UEFA Champions League trophy and he believes this could be next year. Pepe: "I want to win the UEFA Champions League. I have already won the Spanish Leahue and the Spanish Cup, but what I really want is the Champions League. I am very confident this could be the right year for that to happen. We are a very strong team, in a very similar way to the Portuguese National Team, since everyone is united towards the same objectives", noted Pepe.

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