Cristiano Ronaldo phoned Marcelo: "I believe you, my friend"

News agencies were on fire on Monday afternoon with a phrase attributed to Marcelo, that triggered a tsunami in social networks: "Messi is the best in the world". The issue was not clear not only because Marcelo is teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid, but because it is known that both maintain personal friendship. The phrase appeared in the Brazilian media after an interview with the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), but curiously there is no evidence videographic. Only what was written.

Marcelo wearing the Brazilian national team polo
Marcelo is training with the Brazilian national team

Marcelo was very angry to know the phrases that were put into his mouth. In fact, in his Twitter account responded within hours: "They have misinterpreted what I said. Messi was the last to receive the Golden Ball, but for me, no doubt, the best is Cristiano and they will not ruin my friendship with him".

As has been published in Spanish media, Cristiano Ronaldo phoned the Brazilian player in the early hours of Tuesday. Marcelo was summoned with the Brazil team in New Jersey, where on Saturday will be played the game Brazil vs Argentina. The party is of a friendly nature and will be played from 9:00 pm (local time). Cristiano talked to him: "Marcelo, quiet. I believe you, my friend. It is not important. We are friends and we will not waste another minute".

Marcelo was comforted by the words of Cristiano, who is not affected by the permanent fight with Messi. In the last year has learned to manage better the issue so he decided to tackle it himself. Marcelo and his environment also left yesterday clear that his statements about Cristiano Ronaldo are in an interview that a few days ago gave to the Brazilian Football Confederation.

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