Marcelo wants to play the Olympics

Jose Mourinho can have a problem on the left back at the start of the next season. Marcelo wants to play the Olympics and the Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes, is determined to summon him, as one of three players aged over 23 who can participate in the competition.

Marcelo playing for Brazil against Denmark
Marcelo playing for Brazil

Marcelo, who has been training and playing with the Brazilian national team since last May 25 and already participated in the Beijing Games, is excited about winning the gold medal: "I want to go to the Olympics. I am working hard and I like to return to the competition. We all want to go to the Olympic Games", the left dfender said in an interview with the CBF (Brazilian Football Association)

Football in the Olympics begins on July 25 and ends on August 11, just the section of the summer when Real Madrid will make his U.S.A. tour. The Brazilian player, therefore, would begin the course without having pre-season and without holydays (just only a week on vacation). For Mourinho, that is not ideal for the player.

Marcelo, however, is very excited about the Brazilian team after overcoming all the problems he had a year ago with Mano Menezes. Real Madrid player has struggled to get into the dynamics of his national team and does not want to miss a call, especially with Brazil's World Cup just around the corner. "I am in the best moment of my career and I enjoy all I can. I feel very comfortable at Real Madrid and with the Brazilian national team and I want to go on much longe".

Finally, Marcelo said something that caused a small earthquake in Brazil: "Messi is currently the best player in the world". The Real Madrid player responded to questions from journalists on the occasion of Brazil vs Argentina match to play next Saturday in New Jersey, the last of the four matches for the Olympic preparation. He did not mention Cristiano Ronaldo and offered praise for the Barca player: "It is a pleasure to play against him. Let's see what happens, if we can score them. Argentina leaves more space to play and we can defeat them".

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