Cristiano Ronaldo: "This is the best time in my life"

In a Cristiano Ronaldo's interview with the Spanish media, the most decisive player in the league appears relaxed, serene. As always, he does not avoid any sensitive issue for it. He is happy remembering the party at Cibeles, and speaking of the future. One hundred percent white and radiant.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Again, your season can only be described as incredible: with 60 goals in 55 games have improved your previous course records. So next season ... Bigger and better?
I guarantee I will try to improve on this year's numbers. I may not be able to score more goals, but I can serve more assists. It's harder each time, but I always try to do better. Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds and it will be practically impossible for him to do better than that, but I am sure he will try.

What else can you do to win the Balon d’Or?
I am not too concerned about the Ballon d'Or because the most important thing for me was to win La Liga, which is a difficult title, if not the toughest in Europe. I do not vote for the Ballon d'Or and everyone has different tastes. Several Real Madrid players and myself did enough to deserve a nomination and I cannot hide my desire to win it because it is the greatest accolade a player can win on an individual level.

Are you better than Barcelona?
We have changed our run with Barcelona and I am sure it will be much better form now on. We players are more confident and we have more faith in the team. It is very demanding to compete with Barcelona and we nevertheless won with a nine-point lead over them and defeated them at the Camp Nou. We had an exceptional season both individually and collectively.

Mourinho is continuing until 2016…
A club like this has to have a top coach like Mourinho. He has to be here. I think it is evident Real Madrid would not win as many titles without him.

What about your contract renewal?
If it were totally up to me, I would end my career at Real Madrid, honestly. I would sign a ten year extension right now. I want to stay, but that decision is really up to other people.

Let's talk about the Real Madrid fans. Some people have critized you at the Bernabeu and the rest remained silent. They were hard times for you. What did you think and how you overcome it?
I can not agree, but I respect it. Everybody is free and we must be strong and looking for the best to respond them. You can always keep improving. From what I know of the history of Real Madrid, that also happened to Zidane, Ronaldo ... And they are in the history of Real Madrid. So I am quiet. Now they are all with me, thank God the recognize my worth and that's why I am so happy.

Yes, you look happy ...
This is the best time in my life, both physically and psychologically. I want to keep it up and enjoy myself much more with Real Madrid fans because my connection with them has evolved considerably in recent months. I feel very close to them and that's why I want to stay here a long time. I want to show my love for this shirt and do my best for the team.

You look very close to Fabio Coentrao. Do the fans at the Bernabeu have been fair to him? 
No, it was a bit unfair. Now Fabio, with the quality he has and the person he is, must show the top player he is. The first year is always the hardest, but he is one of the best defenders in the world. The good players always end up succeeding.

Another friend, Kaka, is not passing through his best.
He has to decide what is best for his future and his family. I can not give my opinion about a player, who is also my friend. I think he has much to offer to Real Madrid and I am sure that will continue long here.

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