Bernabeu Trophy 2012 will be played in late September

Since the first edition of the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy that was held in 1979, Real Madrid has tried to play this friendly match (with special meaning) in late August or early September with the idea that it was an official presentation of the new team to the fans. In its history, the tournament has only been moved from that time on three occasions: in 2002, the centennial year, the trophy was held from 2 to 4 August (Bayern Munchen won), in 2003 when it was played on September 23, Real Madrid won against River 3-1, and in 2007, when the match was moved to December 5. This Trophy was scheduled for August 28 but had to be canceled after the tragic death of Antonio Puerta (Sevilla player) and there were no dates to play it before Christmas. Even the opponent was changed; Partizan Belgrade instead of Sporting of Portugal.

Real Madrid players with the Bernabeu Trophy 2011
Real Madrid won the Bernabeu Trophy 2011

Real Madrid faces this year with the same problem of lack of dates to place the trophy against Millionarios team. The first available date is around 25 or 26 September. The problem is that Real Madrid has its final preseason game in the United States on August 11. And after that, the Spanish Football Federation has hired a friendly against Puerto Rico (FIFA ranking 138) on August 15. And this match has to be played in Puerto Rico, in Bayamon. The Spanish league, if confirmed the timetable proposed by the LFP (Professional Football League), will begin on August 18. And then, the Spanish Super Cup, two FIFA dates for national teams and the Champions League beginnig. So the BernabeuTrophy will be postponed until late September (25 or 26). Barcelona has the same problem, but does not tour (play its final friendly match on August 8 against Manchester City), and thinks about move the Gamoer Trophy to the 12th of the month. Also has two Mondays (20 or 27), two days before the first and second leg of the Spanish Super Cup, respectively

Real Madrid has played 33 editions of the Bernabeu Trophy. Among the summer trophies which still exist, there are few with more editions played: Teresa Herrera (66), Emma Cuervo de Ribadeo (60), Carranza (57), Fiesta de Elche (56), Concepción Arenal de Ferrol and Luis Otero Pontevedra (52), Colombino (47), Gamper (46), Ciity of Vigo and Zaragoza (41), Naranja Trophy (40) and City of Barcelona (37). Real Madrid wants to take care of its important trophy. Others, like the mythical City of Madrid (which was organized by Atletico), Villa de Bilbao, Iberian Badajoz, Costa del Sol, Euskadi-Asergace or City of La Linea have already disappeared.

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