Gonzalo Higuain does not want to listen to offers

Gonzalo Higuain has told his agents that do not transmit him any offer that can come over the summer. After having speculated on his possible departure to different European clubs (Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea among others), Argentinian player has taken the decision to stay at Real Madrid for next season.

Gonzalo Higuain training with Argentina
Gonzalo Higuain is training with Argentina these days

The first team that was interested in 'Pipita' Higuain was the current champion of the Serie A, Juventus, which wants to sign the Argentinian since last season to be the star of the Italian team. Two other teams that were interested this season in the white striker are Chelsea, that in the past winter market offered 40 million euros for taking with his services, and PSG, which in recent months has been contacting his representatives to know the disposition of the Argentinian player.

Higuain, tired of all the information and rumors that have gone out in the press in recent months, has decided to make that decision to focus exclusively, first in the upcoming friendly against Brazil and then to rest during his holiday after this season, in which he has scored 22 goals and won the 100 points league with Real Madrid.

The latter club has joined the list to sign the Real Madrid player has been the Tottenham. Through a confidant of the owner of club (the millionaire Joe Lewis) Tottenham has been in contact with the Higuain's agents. They want to sign Higuain because consider him the cornerstone of the new project. Tottenham wants to classify assiduously for the Champions League and win a title in England.

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