Real Madrid: Leader in social networks

Real Madrid has an official profile on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel. With these new digital tools the white club sets daily direct connection to 19 million Real Madrid fans spread across the planet. Thus, the Real Madrid club has managed to be the most popular sports team around the social networks world, according to data from FameCount.com.

Real Madrid and Social Networks

The approximately 17 million supporters on Facebook, the two million on Twitter and the 37 and a half million views on their YouTube channel, have awarded to Real Madrid a popularity of 53.76%, which places it as the team with more influence on all these social networks and the club's fastest growing Facebook worldwide. In addition, two million followers in Twitter makes it the most followed team in Europe on the network of 140 characters.

Real Madrid's players are not far behind and have shown to be experts in social networks. The clearest case is that of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has become the most popular athlete in the world thanks to his 31 million friends on Facebook, more than three million followers on Twitter and four and a half million views on his YouTube channel. Ricardo Kaka is in second place with about ten million supporters on Facebook and five million on Twitter.

Real Madrid's social media have become one of the channels of information for white fans around the world thanks to the publications are transmitted in five languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Japanese). In addition, on Facebook, the game 'Real Madrid Fantasy Manager' (with an average of 140,000 monthly players) allows to train or even preside the club. The YouTube channel also makes a difference, because Real Madrid is the only club that offers exclusive content for free and does it in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Arabic).

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