Neymar-Kun: This week will be decisive

Within a week, Kun and Neymar have gone from heaven to hell. After scoring two goals against Costa Rica and Ecuador respectively, Argentine and Brazilian ended up witnessing the elimination of your selections from the bench. Both were replaced before the penalty kicks after completing poor matches. Culmination of a Copa America with more shadows than light in which Kun began on the bench and Neymar was identified as one of the men in the tournament. Hours after the elimination of Argentina and Brazil, is discussed the future of both. But Florentino has already moved tab... for the Brazilian.

Kun Aguero or Neymar: Real Madrid decides
Kun Aguero and Neymar

Neymar, 19, is the jewel of the market. His agents have added three more sponsors during the Copa America and has eight. On Sunday, after losing against Paraguay, the player said on Twitter: "Because this, is called football". Despite criticism of the press in his country, Romario have defended his performances: "Whatever the score, Neymar and Ganso remain the best in Brazil". The young star will not go on vacation because Santos is immersed in the Brasileirao Championship.

The discussion about the player, has been fueled by the struggle between Madrid and Barcelona to sign the player. Sandro Rosell's attempt to block the signing of Neymar by whites has led him to offer 50 million euros to Santos, five more of the buyout clause if the Sao Paulo club transfers him to Barcelona in 2012. To give priority in the transfer of the striker, Santos will request Real Madrid the transfer of a player, other than payment of the clause of 45 million euros. Gago could be the candidate.

Besides, next week or at the end of this, a representation of 'GUIA', business group that financially supports Santos, will travel to Spain to meet with Florentino to accelerate the transfer of Neymar. Meeting in which the father of the player could participate because Florentino wants to talk with him. In addition, Real expects that in those days Neymar makes the public statement with the phrase most expected: "I want to play for Real Madrid".

Kun's case has cooled a lot. The player aand his agent have been who have done all the moves with their statements. Aguero was who, before the Copa America, opened the can of worms, warning about his intention to leave Atletico. But Real Madrid has stayed away, fulfilling the nonaggression pact that exists between the presidents of both teams. Currently, a player's agent negotiates with the City, a team that expressed interest in coach Mancini's mouth. Agüero wants to play for a team with sporting aspirations, leaving the Atletico's coffers with 45 million euros, what will be used to sign another striker: Falcao, Osvaldo or Rossi.

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