Mourinho gives two weeks off to Higuain and Di Maria

The elimination of Argentina in the Copa America 2011, will bring two new reinforcements for Mourinho's Real Madrid after the U.S.A tour. Higuain and Di Maria. Mourinho does not take in account Gago (in the press conference after the match against LA Galaxy, he did not talk about the player and is injured for three weeks) and Garay was transferred to Benfica. Portuguese already gave vacation to these players on May 18 and they enjoyed 21 days before the Copa America. Higuain will stay at least a week in Buenos Aires, while Di Maria traveled to Rosario to stay with his family. In principle, both will have two weeks off and will be back on August 1.

The Portuguese coach took yesterday morning for a walk in Beverly Hills. He was shopping at the mall Roberts Plaza for an hour, accompanied solely by a bodyguard of club. Within an hour, leaving one of the stores, he found seven paparazzi, so he had to return to the hotel. All players of Real Madrid were left resting in his hotel, but four homegrown players were also shopping: Nacho, Joselu, Mejia and Jesus.

Curious image of Mourinho at Los Angeles
Peculiar image. Mourinho at Los Angeles

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