Audi Sport seats for the benches at the Bernabeu Stadium

On August 14, will be played the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium between Real Madrid and Barcelona. And the Real Madrid stadium will have a very special release. Thanks to the collaboration between Audi and Real Madrid, the benches of Real Madrid and visiting team, as well as the field delegate, will have seats similar to those of the sportiest models from Audi.

New Audi seats at the Bernabeu Stadium
New seats of the benches. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

These new seats have been manufactured with the same technology by which are made the baquets for the special cars of the German brand (RS5, RS6, S3, TT, TT RS and RS3) are black and printed in white, the Audi's logo, with its famous four rings, and the shield of Real Madrid, the first one in the headrest and the second on the backrest.

Will be a total of 47 individual seats; 22 for Real Madrid's staff divided into two rows, 22 for the visitors and 3 seats for the delegate field. The seats are made of a material that resists perfectly to the weather, and are powered by electric current to have heating in the whole seat. In addition, backrests are adjustable and collapsible, and the width of the seat, along with the position of the armrest, can offer greater comfort for players.

Audi and Real Madrid kept the sponsorship agreement since 2003 and players from the white club drive daily the Germanic brand models. In month of October will take place the delivery of new car models for players who are part of the Real's template for the season 2011/2012.

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