Real Madrid and Neymar have a 'shielded' preliminary contract

The positions are clear: Real Madrid wants Neymar, the player wants to leave (but perhaps better in January, he thinks) and Santos is willing to sell, but not yet. The striker will cost 45 million euros if the transfer takes place this summer, or less if he continues with Santos until January. The young star was yesterday at his home in the city of Sao Paulo and has been cited by Santos to train with his teammates on Friday.

Neymar signing a Real Madrid shirt

Chelsea met with the agent of the player (W. Ribeiro) several times this summer and even before (he was with Abramovich in London in February), but the English club has ruled out his move because they understand that there is an agreement between Madrid and the player. According to sources from Chelsea, this supposed pre-contract is "unbreakable" because it has very high clauses in case any of the parties do not fulfill the promise of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu. Something like the famous clause Figo. From the white club denies that there is a pre-contract or such a penalty clause.

Neymar's agent ensures that the operation will end at the time in which the white club pays the buyout clause, rejecting interference from other teams, like Barcelona, ​​which has made a last attempt to sign the player. "There is nothing more to say. Only remains that the Real Madrid pays. If it does, Santos has nothing to do. Only receive part of the transfer it deserves. And Neymar say when going to come because it's true he would like to be in the Club World Cup" says Wagner Ribeiro. Santos owns 60% of the pass and Sonda-Dis, an investor group, the remaining 40%.

Meanwhile, negotiations continue. Mourinho already has in his head the process of adaptation of the young star. There are doubts about the integration of Neymar, only 19, and has been evaluated the possible tension of sharing a dressing room with international top players.

But Mourinho knows, in the words of some of the heavyweights of the squad, that his incorporation is being considered by players as an added value to the talent that already has the template. "There will be one of those players who could make a difference. They never left over" said one of the veterans.

The Portuguese coach has estimated that Neymar will need at least a month of recovery after the Copa America and could not train at the same pace of the rest of the team until October. Having achieved his physical integration, the job will be to create associations with his peers and decide the best position among the four in which he can play. So maybe we would not see the best Neymar until November, so the coaching staff would accept his arrival in January if it makes the player happy... but signing another striker with a minimum cost. Do we talk about Adebayor?

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