Friendly Match (2): Chivas Guadalajara 0 - 3 Real Madrid

Cristiano scored a hat-trick against Chivas in San Diego
Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of the match

Real Madrid's game is based on 'Cristiano Law', which is to play the friendly games as official competition matches. Portuguese was angry, fought, was warned and enraged until score his first goal on 72 minutes. Even in the celebration seemed upset because the team had not scored before against Chivas Guadalajara.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first strike finishing off a good cross from Benzema down the right (72'), he then hit the crossbar after receiving a long pass from Callejon (73'), he scored the second goal from a penalty awarded from an Arellano tackle on Pepe (75'), and the third by finishing off an assists from Ozil (81'). And, as if in competition, Cristiano played the entire game, with Coentrao and Granero.

But yesterday also highlighted Varane who dominated the Mexican front. Varane put the light in a first part in which the Madrid left some shadows. The French central defender demonstrated the qualities for which he was signed by Zidane, involved in three actions in which the defender was perfect thanks to his speed. Varane can walk alone in this project, but for now, under the guidance of Carvalho, protecting him on the left. He left a good feeling on a night in which the team lacked scoring. Even he came close to scoring a headed goal on 35 minutes. Chivas, with more pace than Real Madrid (begins its league on Saturday), failed in first half against a the defense formed by Arbeloa, Varane, Carvlaho and Marcelo, with Adam as goalkeeper.

Mourinho repeated five players who were starters against the Galaxy. Carvalho, Marcelo, Granero Coentrao and Kaka. Coentrao made the starting lineup due to Xabi Alonso's last minute drop. The Portuguese player was active as central midfielder making steals and creating ball movement. Kaka shone in Los Angeles, but against Chivas was a shadow of what he was in the first game. Özil and Brazilian do not fit well. The German started on the right and took the role less creative. The team inadvertently played to the left with Cristiano on that side. Marcelo, Coentrao, Kaka, Özil... Mourinho saw the problem and changed it after the break with a substitution: Callejon by Kaka. Until then, the chances of danger were created by Benzema (pass from Arbeloa) in 10' and an strategy play, in 38', failed with a Cristiano's shot to the side of the goal.

With new players on the pitch, the game's pace slowed down in the second half but Real still reached Chivas' goal often. Luis Michel (Chivas goalkeeper) was forced to save a shot from outside the box by Callejon, and later a chance by Benzema, who had been served an excellent pass by Ozil. The French striker tried again six minutes later, but the goalie saved the day with his fists once again. Real did not score until Cristiano Ronaldo appeared. Another season, same script. The Portuguese star imposed his law and was the man of the match.


Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium
Attendance: 38,211
Goals: 0-1 (72'): Cristiano. 0-2 (75'): Cristiano (penalty). 0-3 (81'): Cristiano.

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