Mourinho: "We have a very good squad"

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho addressed the media after his side's 4-1 victory over LA Galaxy.

"I'm happy. It was a complicated match and we played with a lot of intensity. Winning isn't the most important thing. What matters is that the team gets into shape and I liked its attitude today. We have a very good squad and we used two different lineups today. We have still to use quality men like Di Maria, Higuain and Sahin. We work better each day and we're ready to compete".

"I don't like to talk about individual players. The team played well and gave a balanced performance in both halves of the match. This game was important for Coentrao because it helped in his adaptation. He gave a very good performance and proved his potential. Callejon did well and Varane played a serious game too. It's important for him to show he's fit and that he can row in the same direction as the rest".

"A great team cannot choose which championship it would rather win. We won the Copa del Rey last season, but we know the Champions League and La Liga are important and we will try to win them also. Small details make all the difference between winning and losing titles. Usually the more prepared you are the greater the possibilities. I hope those small details are on our side. We can only promise we will continue to work hard".

"I will try to make academy players play a role in the future of this team because they will be important and useful to us. I believe they could help us considerably".

"Zidane is one of us. He knows perfectly well what a work group is like and he has the capacity to help all of us. I feel comfortable with him and it is important to have him on our side now that we can have so many people on the bench".


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