Sergio Ramos' Cup goes to museum

Do you remember what happened to the trophy of the Spanish Cup in hands of Sergio Ramos? Ramos dropped the trophy from the open-top deck of the team bus as he waved to supporters who were celebrating the triumph in Madrid, the Spanish capital. The trophy fell right in front of the vehicle, but the driver didn't notice the incident and accidentally drove straight over the silverware.

Spanish Cup trophy after the accident with Sergio Ramos
Spanish Cup Trophy after the accident

Well. The Cup is in the Museum of the Spanish Football Federation in Las Rozas (Madrid), where the "Picassian" piece is exposed as a celebrated curiosity. Should be recognized that, unlike other sad shape trophies, this Cup trophy is inspiring. To start, is the Cup that Real Madrid snatched to Messi's Barcelona, fact that history will appreciate in the right measure... and also Mourinho. It is the first Spanish Cup that Casillas lifted from the hand of the Spain's King. And finally, is the first Cup that "jumped" from a bus as the divers of Acapulco.

When looking at the trophy, think that the Cup accepts infinite interpretations. If the criteria is the rhythm, we could say that its dislocated recalls Elvis's pelvis. From a gastronomic point of view, we could say that it is an unstructured Cup (in the style of Ferran Adria's cuisine) and if the chef has made ​​a fortune, do not see why the Sergio's Cup could not succeed. And do not dismiss admire the trophy as work of art at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

In short, if the wrinkle is beautiful, dents too. As in the face, in each groove lies a story. In the Sergio Ramos' Cup... can be many.

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