Coentrao: "I would just leave Benfica to go to Real Madrid"

Interview with Fabio Coentrao
Fabio Coentrao

How have you felt with the excitement around you these days?
All is well. I take it very happy because it is Real Madrid. I like it. It is normal to be happy because it is the best club in the world, but I must be calm because nothing is done yet.

There are many teams interested in you. What is your first choice?
First and foremost is Real Madrid, with the best coach and best players in the world. There are also many friends playing there. But nothing is done. Of course I like the Madrid and I hope that from now on everything goes well.

Do you feel ready to play in Madrid?
All players must be prepared for everything and I am in all aspects of my life. If this situation goes on I will face it with all my power.

Are you a defensive end or midfielder?
I am a football player, either as a defense, as a midfielder or as a striker. I just want to play, and when you're part of a team, as this case is Benfica, you have to respect your coach and what he needs. Obviously I've been stressing two years as a defensive end, playing at avery high level, and of course I want to give continuity to this position.

Have you talked with your friends in Madrid?
There is always a word here and another there. But as I say there is nothing done. I play for Benfica, and the main thing is that there is an interest of Real Madrid. For my part, I say that I am interested in playing for Real. I'm in a great club and not change it for any other not be the Madrid. It has the best coach and best players and I just want to go there.

In spite of strong competition with Marcelo?
The first thing I would want is to go to Real Madrid, and then work hard. Marcelo is a great player. Everybody knows it. I am humble in my work. I would go to help.

Do you think that to pay 30 million euros for the transfer is too much?
I no longer rests with me. I say I want to be a good deal for Benfica. Benfica deserve to do good business with me. I will be grateful to this club all my life. They deserve respect.

What about Real Madrid?
It is a great club. Everybody knows it. Benfica told me they wanted me to stay, but they fully understand my decision. I told them that if I leave, can only be at Real Madrid and they have been happy with this.

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