Altintop: "I will not disappoint Real Madrid fans"

Altintop interview at the Turkish national team training stage
Hamit Altintop

You are a versatile player. Do you think that this has been the key to your move to Real Madrid? Mourinho values highly this virtue...
It is going to appear arrogant, but I consider myself a player desirable, especially for my knowledge of the football and my position on the pitch. I think it's normal that I had drawn interest from several clubs and Real Madrid is the icing on the cake, the greatest team. But again, I reserve, for my first press conference with the club, the issue of my signing for Real Madrid.

It's interesting that you go from play a few games this season with Bayern Munich to sign for a big club like Real Madrid...
I have no bad words for Van Gaal, but I think he was wrong on several things, including my absence in many games. I consider myself a good professional footballer, who can be adapted to any system and any situation. I will never complain about the style of play of a team. But, I think Van Gaal should have given me more opportunities.

What do you think about the play system that uses Mourinho, your next coach?
I prefer not to say much about the Real Madrid until my official presentation, but of course I have no complaints. I'm very excited.

Do you fear that in Madrid you will not enjoy many minutes, as happened at Bayern?
No. I think that things will go well in my new stage. My head is just to help the team.

Have you spoken with Mourinho?
Of course I talked to him several times. Indeed, that was a major factor in my signing for Real Madrid.

Despite being concentrated in Turkey, you have back problems. Is your injury important?
No. I do not know if I'll play the game against Belgium (next Friday) but we will see. If I do statements after that meeting, I will not talk about my future at Real Madrid. I look forward till the day of my presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Altintop, Sahin, Özil... Real Madrid has never tasted so Turkish...
It is exciting to play in Madrid and with these partners. They're great people and we have also shared history in Germany.

You will talk more on the day of your presentation in the Santiago Bernabeu but, do you have a first message to the Madrid fans?
Yes. I will show them all of what I can do next season. I will not disappoint them.

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