Real Madrid: Transfer News

Real Madrid is planning the 2011-12 season with the intent to arrange at least six lay-offs on the current template. Jose Mourinho's idea is to have a large group of 23 or 24 players, but currently has 28 players under contract.

Real Madrid will transfer Lass this Summer
Lass wants to leave the Real Madrid

To the 23 players from 2010-11 season (excluding Dudek, who has not renewed the contract, and including Adebayor, whose loan agreement ends on June 30) are added the signings of Sahin, Altintop and Callejon, with the return of the loaned Mateos and Drenthe. The first four will continue at Real Madrid next season. The Dutchman, however, no.

Madrid has to take a decision with Adebayor. The purchase option is 16 million euros and the player is willing to get off the salary to continue in the club. Manchester City is not interested in him and Mourinho wants that he continues, but Real Madrid will never get to what the English club asks for him, or to maintain the current salary of Togo player. With this background, the lineup of transferable players is; Garay (by the way, yesterday the Argentina Football Association included him in the list for the Copa America as a Benfica player rather than Madrid), Lass, Drenthe, Gago, Canales and Pedro León.

On the other hand, Mourinho has requested two additional reinforcements: Coentrao and a striker, if at the end of the summer there is no agreement with Adebayor. Although the shopping list can increase depending on the players who leave the club.


- Garay: Currency
Is under contract until 2014. Pepe, Carvalho, Mateos and Albiol refuse to buckle under. This year has played only eight games. Can be used as currency for another signing. Included in the list of Argentina for the Copa America.

- Drenthe: Italy deals
Mourinho wants no part of him. Drenthe has one year left on his contract after playing this season on loan at Hercules. Real Madrid is looking for a transfer. Several Italian clubs have asked about him: Genoa, Napoli and Juventus.

- Lass: He wants to go out
Mourinho counting on him for the 2011-12 season, but to the player it does not care. He does not understand the signing of Sahin and considers that he should have more minutes than Xabi Alonso and Khedira. This season he has played 2,374 minutes, but he does not consider it enough. Madrid paid for him 19 million euros in December 2008. Inter follows him closely. And in England has a good lineup...

- Canales: Looking for more minutes
Canales wants to leave the team to add minutes (this season has played only 527). The club seeks a loan or a transfer with repurchase option. Villarreal, Valencia and Schalke are the most interested. The player will spend this week in the office.

- Pedro León: Does not want to leave
The Murcia player has advised his agents that he does not to leave Madrid. The club is surprised by this decision, because with Mourinho he has only played 581 minutes and most of the matches was not called.

- Gago: Batista counting on him
Gago has suffered four injuries this season (195 days off) and has only played seven games with Mou. Has been listed by surprise in the first list of Batista for the Copa America. PSV, Milan and Valencia follow him.

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