Real Madrid: UEFA Champions League Top Seed

Real Madrid returns to the cup of the most important teams, the top seeds, in the draw for the Champions League to be held in Monaco on August 25. It is seventh in the UEFA ranking teams. Has risen six places in this season after reaching the semifinals of the top competition and lost only one match (against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, 0-2) of the 12 that played.

The white set has managed to 33.6428 points and has been only exceeded by the champion (Barcelona, 36.6428) and runner-up (Manchester, 36.6714). Of the top teams is the one that has evolved most. (Tottenham, his opponent in the quarterfinals, climbed 12 places).

The club coefficient rankings are based on the results of clubs competing in the five previous seasons of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League (Real Madris played always Champions League). Clubs' coefficients are determined by the sum of all points won in the previous five years, plus 20% of the association coefficient over the same period (33% before 2009).

The rankings determine the seeding of each club in all UEFA competition draws. Real Madrid will be top seed in the Champions League draw with Manchester, Barcelona, Chelsea, Porto and Inter. Bayern and Arsenal will be the other two if they pass the previous round.

UEFA Ranking 2010-2011

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