Interview: Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho looked at the just concluded season and spoke about the exciting 2011/12 campaign that will start for the Whites on July 11 with the pre-season stage in Los Angeles: "The most important thing is to work on next season. We will be there to fight with passion and love for this club. This year we have more conditions to do not fail, but it is not easy to improve what we did last season. In this campaign, my team has grown and improved in many aspects. It was a good year", commented the Portuguese coach.

Mourinho talking with the journalists
Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach explained in detail the new organizational model in sporting club: "A good structure does not guarantee success, but a structure that is not good guarantees failure. We have the best conditions to ensure success. I have no more power than before. We must modernize and look for perfection, although it is difficult to achieve. A structure that is not adapted to modern times guarantees failure. Soon the President or the Board will make public our new model of working. There will be an organizational chart with all the functions very well specified. It is necessary that Real Madrid fans know it", he said.

When Mourinho is asked about the special relationship with the people of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, said: "I fought hard to try to give joy to the fans of Real Madrid, that there are millions and millions. Apart from the serious and dedicated work, there are times I think the club is not being well treated and I have no problem affect my image in defense of the institution to which I dedicate my soul and my heart. The fans are the most important thing".

White coach also spoke of the two reinforcements arriving from the Bundesliga: Nuri Sahin and Altintop: "Sahin was the best player of the German tournament, and has been chosen by players in a league that is growing fast. We followed him for some time. He is a young player, one more in the template as Özil, Di Maria, Marcelo, Benzema ... and all them make us think we are a team with a great future. If financial fair play is applied in the next years, Real Madrid can make a new era in football because it has a very young staff and a great president at the firm level. Altintop is a very versatile player".

At the same time, welcomed the return of the homegrown Callejon and Mateos: "Callejon is a player that we like for his features and attitude. He has to earn a place on the team. Mateos was practically out of Castilla, we saw important qualities and have recovered him. He played six months in the AEK and we like. He will start pre-season with us and then we'll see if he stays or we loan him one year more. In that case, we will loan him to a top team in Spain or a team playing in Europe. He has legs to win", he explained.

On Kaka, the manager argued: "He has not made pre-season for four years either due to physical problems, for the World Cup or Confederations Cup. Our belief is to try he takes the stability of six weeks of preseason with gradual growth. Is an incredible talent and played a good final part of season. We hope that the pre-season can be an important support for his succeed".

Finally, he spoke openly of two of the players who, according to the press, can strengthen the team: "I will not be a hypocrite. Coentrao and Aguero are fantastic players. But belong to other teams and Real Madrid does not contact with players before having agreements with their clubs. In Sahin, Altintop and Callejon, Real Madrid talked first with their clubs".

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