Aguero and Adidas: A step to Real Madrid

Kun Aguero wants to decide his future before the opening of the Copa America. The idea is to decide on which team will play next season (his high priority), and also choose the sports brand that sponsors him the coming years. Aguero had a contract with Nike, was one of its banners, an icon player. The agreement he had with this sports brand expired on May 31 and now, Argentine player is free to negotiate with everyone.

Kun Aguero will sign with Adidas, the brand that sponsor Real Madrid
Kun Aguero could sign with Adidas

Nike, which signed him when was 14, wants to continue with the player. In fact, they may have priority to match offers from other brands, but Adidas has been betting very hard to get to the striker. Aguero, through his agent, Hernan Reguera, has been negotiating with the brand that sponsors Real Madrid and Argentina national team, and are a step closer to signing the agreement. There have been two more offerings, Puma and Li Ning, but Kun is delighted with the Adidas offering and the international presence that the German brand can give him from now.

The deal with Adidas would be a very important step in his career, becuase he would be one step closer to the Real Madrid. Adidas would add another icon and one of the strong men of the template for international advertising and promotion if at the end is materialized the signing with the white team. Another name to join those have been already named, the new Adidas generation; Kaka, Di María, Fernando Llorente, Messi and Xavi Hernandez, among others. But for now, Adidas is silent until the deal is not signed and announced.

In addition, he would become the main reference in Argentina with Messi. That position was Gonzalo Higuain until April, but Real Madrid striker did not renew with Adidas and Nike promised him one million euros per season. This is another reason why Adidas has invested heavily to get Kun Aguero.

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