Ronaldo Nazario and Zidane: Galactic scouts

Real Madrid's galactic scouts
Ronaldo and Zidane: Galactic Scouts

The former galactics already recommend about the galactics of the future. The story focuses on that Florentino Perez has created a bond with his former stars. Zidane already works for Real Madrid as advisor to the president and as link between teh template and the Board. And Ronaldo Nazario, who recently hung up his boots, begins to recommend about the young talents from Brazil.

Neymar's case has revealed a secret: Ronaldo, who was the third galactic of Florentino, is willing to put on alert to Madrid at the time when a different player appears on Brazil. He has done it recommending Neymar and is ready to do the same with upcoming talents.

The same goes for Zidane, who lives in Madrid but has under control the French football and speaks regularly with Laurent Blanc, the coach of France. Zidane's opinion is taken into account in the club. He speaks daily with Mourinho and Miguel Pardeza, in addition to having direct line to Florentino. Real Madrid has now well controlled the market in France and Brazil.

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