Liverpool and Aston Villa battle for Gago

Given the expected Gago's leaving, out of Real Madrid, two teams from the Premier, Liverpool and Aston Villa, have begun to take positions to try to gain the services of the young Argentine midfielder.

Gago is thinking about his future
Fernando Gago will leave Real Madrid this summer

The arrival of Sahim and Altintop at the Bernabeu Stadium, coupled with his continuous injuries this season, have shut the stage of the Argentine at Real Madrid, which for some weeks has discussed with the player's agent, Marcelo Lombilla, the options offered by the football market for his career.

Because of his age (25 years old), Gago has a good lineup in Europe's top leagues, so the player discards the return to Argentina. The main obstacle to his leaving from Madrid is his salary: two million euros per season, what some other teams in the Premier could pay. In particular two; Aston Villa and Liverpool, which are willing to engage in a battle for his signing.

The player likes both teams, but so far keeps silent on his future, although this seems to point to Anfield, to get under the command of Kenny Dalglish, who would have already communicated to Liverpool his intention to give the reins of the team to the Argentine player.

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