Liverpool would pay 11.5 million euros to sign Gago

Gago's days are numbered in Madrid. The Argentine midfielder will no longer at the white club and there are several teams seeking to achieve his services. The latest interested in him is Liverpool. According to British media, the English club would pay 11.5 million euros to sign him. Since Mascherano signed for Barcelona, the Liverpool has not found a contention midfielder that met its needs and the coach, Kenny Dalglish, has asked the signing of Gago.

Fernando Gago could sign for Liverpool
Fernando Gago

Another team interested in Gago is Boca Juniors, but has no money. In addition, the player prefers to stay in Europe. "Gago needs to play and Liverpool would be an ideal club for him. Fernando wants to play again and return to the highest level, something that currently it is not possible at Real Madrid", said his agent Marcelo Lombilla.

Other Gago's options to leave the white team, could be Benfica and Manchester City. Both clubs want him as a bargaining chip in the transfer of Coentrao and Adebayor, respectively. The Argentine has already said that his future will be decided after the Copa America.

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