Lass Diarra: 25 days to submit an offer

Real Madrid has decided to establish a period of one month, in which Lass must present the offers he has to leave the club. Now is the time to know if the team can count on him or not for the planning of next season. His case is special because Mourinho wants him in the squad but the player went on vacation communicating his desire to get more minutes in other teams.

Lass Diarra will leave the Real Madrid this summer
Mourinho and Lass Diarra

The club has given him an ultimatum because they are not willing to pass days, sowing doubts around his future and, above all, making a sort of cold war with the player. This was interpreted in the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium. It is believed that the player is looking for a discount on the price of his transfer. But Madrid does not give. He will only go, if he brings 20 million euros.

The price would be lower if the offer comes from a team that is not direct rival in Europe. If stakeholders are Manchester United, City, Inter or Milan, there is not more to talk about: 20 million euros in cash. If the team is not a direct rival of Real madrid, the amount could be reduced. One of them is Juventus, which has already extended its interest. The other is the Fenerbahçe, current champion of the Turkish League, which has offered 13 million euros.

But the player shows no signs of life and that's very difficult to make progress in this case. He went on vacation making clear his intentions and now seeks to determine the time to put pressure on the club and find the way out most profitable for him. The less a team pays by the transfer, better salary he will ensure. These are negotiating tactics.

The date that Real Madrid manages as deadline is July 10. One day before the start of the preseason and the team's travel to Los Angeles. Mourinho has made ​​it clear. If Lass leaves the white team, with that money, club would sign Fabio Coentrao. Lass has paralyzed the movement and that is not liking to Mourinho, who urged French player to resolve as soon as possible his status to continue with the configuration of the new team.

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