Del Bosque: Honorary member of Real Madrid

Del Bosque will receive the badge as honorary member of Real Madrid during the Gala of the Foundation of the white club, which will be held next October at the 'Teatro del Canal'. In addition to the Spanish national team coach, will receive this distinction two illustrious and universal Real Madrid fans: Rafael Nadal and Placido Domingo.

Del Bosque and Nadal: Honorary members of Real Madrid
Del Bosque and Nadal

Del Bosque, who spent 35 years continuously linked to Real Madrid (from 1968 to 2003 he defended the shield as a player, director of the youth squads and first team coach), has assisted with some frustration to the fact that all football has given him tributes, honors and awards by the achievement of the World Cup, almost a year ago (it will be the July 11). Madrid chose to start the competition last September without organizing any event at the Bernabeu Stadium around who was his coach at the Eighth and Ninth European Cups. However, Ronaldo or Dudek, for example, were honored in front of the crowd.

After being awarded by the King of Spain (with the title of Del Bosque Marquis), Florentino decided to bring positions with a model professional and called for the board of directors on March 18, which approved giving him the distinction of Honorary Member of the Real Madrid "for his impeccable work as coach of the world champion in South Africa". The decision was to grant him the badge on the Annual Gala of the Foundation of Real, within four months.

The award will be shared. Rafa Nadal received the "Special Prize of the Foundation', on November 4, 2010, and now the confessed Real Madrid fan, will also receive the badge as Honorary Member "for being the number one world tennis". Finally, Placido Domingo was awarded with the highest distinction of the club "for being a music phenomenon that has become an outstanding symbol of the history of opera".

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