Bosco Leite: "Kaka is not going anywhere"

Bosco Leite, Kaka's father and agent, yesterday afternoon held a meeting at the offices of Milan with the vice president of the "rossoneri" club, Adriano Galliani, the sporting director of the entity, Ariedo Braida, and the coach of the team, Massimiliano Allegri.

Bosco Leite: Kaka's agent in Milan
Bosco Leite: Kaka's father

The main topic of conversation during this meeting with friends, was the future of Kaka. Galliani is very concerned by reports that place the Brazilian player at Inter, Milan's arch rival. Bosco Leite assured him privately that the player will remain in Madrid and at the exit of office confirmed it publicly: "Kaka is not going anywhere".

The interest of Milan for Kaka's situation is not new. In fact, the Italian club is always aware of what might happen with the Brazilian player, because in a sentimental level, the player is considered theirs. Think of him as a child who has gone abroad to study at another club and the last thing they would want is to see him on the colors of the Inter.

In Milan, speculates that Bosco Leite and Galliani had reached an agreement whereby the player's father will immediately notify the club if the player leaves Real Madrid. Thus Milan would have preference for Kaka keeping in mind the economic situation.

Meanwhile, Kaka has repeatedly stated his desire to continue in Real Madrid. The last was on June 10, after the birthday of his son: "The truth is that I want to stay in Madrid. I know I have not met expectations and I would like to improve, so I take it as a personal goal".

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