Inter Milan offers 30 million euros for Kaka

Inter Milan are looking for a star signing for next season and has chosen to Kaka. The interest comes from long ago, but has been in the last week when was decided to get hold of the services of the Brazilian. Neroazzurro team has already initiated contacts with Real Madrid and has started the bidding with an offer of 30 million euros which is insufficient for Madrid that evaluates it, being only the first touchdown. Madrid believes that if Inter really wants the Brazilian, will put more money on the table.

Inter Milan bidding for Kaka

Real Madrid, for now, merely listens to offers, but has already made ​​it clear that the price of Kaka is 40 million euros. The handled figures in the white club are quite simple. The Brazilian's salary is 10 million per season and has four years remaining of the contract, so they look for a transaction in which the player does not depreciate too much becuase they paid 67 million.

"To lose money with Kaka, we stay with him", say from the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium every time the name of the Brazilian goes to scene. Because Kaka's case is complicated. There are many people within the organization who believe that the 8 of Madrid is recoverable, but weigh more the two years in which his performance has been more than disappointing. So the conclusion is that they only will sell the player, if there is a good bid, such as the Inter's. Otherwise, player will remain on the white template, cause the player does not bother to Mourinho.

Although Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City, Sao Paulo and Corinthians are interested in Kaka, currently the only formal proposal that has come to the Bernabeu is the Inter's. And is that few clubs in the world are prepared to take the high salary of the Brazilian. In fact, only the City and Inter have enough money, since even Abramovich's team is tightening the belt in the wages of the players.

In this operation, which has only just begun, has not been put on the table the name of Maicon. The Brazilian does not matter, in principle, to Real Madrid, that for the defense, just thinks about Fabio Coentrao, who can play at right side. In addition, Madrid does not thinks on exchanges of players. If the Brazilian midfielder leaves Madrid, will be for a good amount of money that would be used to mitigate the paid of the signing of striker, whether Neymar or Aguero, will be around 45 million euros.

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