Neymar with a quick guide to learn Spanish

Neymar left Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo with a quick guide to learn Spanish in his hands after winning the final of the Copa Santander Libertadores. The photograph reveals the young player. Surely, he did not bring the book 'Expressoes idiomaticas de Espanhol' to the stadium to review it before playing against Peñarol, but it is clear that he jealously guarded the book in his hands when leaving the locker room, in the way to the bus. A joke?

Neymar with a guide to learn Spanish on his hands
Neymar with the guide to learn Spanish

Neymar sang and prayed, in the locker room of Pacaembu, with his peers, giving thanks for the titles achieved by Santos. His goal opened the way for a victory that again became him the protagonist. One hundred journalists waited for his statements.

He was the last to leave. He took nearly two hours to leave the stadium. The huge organizational chaos prevented the press conference. The player went through the press area, escorted by two burly bodyguards of the club, no words, with a distinctive hat, head down and camouflaging a mysterious book.

What book had Neymar covered with a flag? What he kept with great care was a quick guide to the Spanish language, the work of Joseph R. Morgan, 186 pages, with 1200 expressions and phrases, plus 2000 words used 'everyday'. A basic dictionary that costs 10 euros.

The book should be highly suggestive for Neymar as future player of Real Madrid, because a photo of Cybele illustrates the cover. Neymar is far-sighted. He wants to arrive in Madrid with ability to communicate with his new teammates. The Spanish guide reveals the situation.

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