Neymar: "White is my favourite colour"

A pool, a jacuzzi, a collection of miniature cars, trophies, hundreds of t-shirts, dozens of caps ... These are some of the things that Neymar keeps at his home in Santos (Brazil). The Brazilian opened the door to the journalist Ana Paula Oliveira for the Brazilian channel R7, and showed himself homey and friendly, along with his father.

Neymar playing with a ball at home
Neymar's home

Footballer, wanted by Real Madrid, likes to relax at home playing pool or video games, and not stop joking during the interview. The laugh comes when talking about the messy bed in his bedroom. "It's been a hurricane here" he says.

His family calls him at home Juninho, because he has the same name that his father. Indeed, his father lives with him and is his adviser. Thus father says in the program: "Neymar is still too young to go play outside Brazil. For example, he has the driving license not long ago. The ball is the most jealous woman. If you do not care, it will go. So Neymar should think the ball as his girlfriend for life".

The caps and sporting cars are Neymar's weaknesses. When opting for a car brand, he does not doubt: "I love Porsche and Ferrari. And in white, which is my favorite colour".

Neymar recognizes at the report that, sooner or later, he would like to make the jump to Europe, but his father thinks it is too early. However, he does not think about a particular club: "I would like to play in Spain, Italy... I like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter, Barcelona..."

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