Recycled water at Real Madrid Sports City

Real Madrid Sports City started using recycled water in its irrigation system today in an act attended by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez; club Vice President Fernando Fernandez Tapias; Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon; Deputy Mayor Manuel Cobo; 2nd Deputy Mayor and Government Delegate for the Environment Ana Botella; and Real Madrid Director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño.

Florentino Perez in the inauguration ceremony

Ana Botella

"Real Madrid sets an example both for the city of Madrid and the entire country. When people talk about Real Madrid they also talk about the city. Water infrastructures are financially efficient and responsible with the environment. I wish to congratulate Florentino Perez for his vision of excellence in the management of Valdebebas."

Florentino Perez

"Many years ago, we learned from Santiago Bernabeu that our sports city was a crucial element in our philosophy. The present city was born from that idea and it is a great sports and educational centre for our children and youngsters. This place has the formidable virtue of teaching the values that made Madridismo great. We also believe it must set a great example in sustainability and respect for the environment."

"This club belongs to Madridistas who identify with these values. The identification of this club with its city is eternal. We wish to thank City Hall for understanding Real Madrid is part of the capital of Spain. It is now time to keep moving forward and continue growing. Today marks a renewed impulse towards the sustainability of our environment. This is only the beginning. What you see here is just a quarter of what has yet to be built. We want this to be the largest football city in the world. We want to build a theme park that breaks the mold for everyone, especially for our Club Members."

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon

"This is but another exemplary example set by this great entity that carries the name of our city and that is forever related to it. Real Madrid is the city's best ambassador. We Madrileños are better known around the world thanks to the club. It has now added respect for the environment and sustainability to its fair-play and sportsmanship values. This is a formidable step in the use of this resource due to its symbolism and the example it sets for other Madrid institutions to follow. Once again, Real Madrid and this city go hand in hand in what they do."

Real Madrid's network of recycled water can hold water from all the facilities for an entire day, even during the warmest in the year. To put an end to the act, Florentino Perez, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon and Ana Botella turned on the irrigation system.

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