Note: Audi interested in the Real Madrid transfers

Audi wants to know the names of the players who will not follow in the team next season to ask them to give back their cars. The car brand is a sponsor of both Barcelona and Real Madrid. In recent days, the heads of Audi who work with two teams, have asked the white team the name of players who leave the workforce of Jose Mourinho.

They do not pretend to know the names of the news that are pursued in all the newsrooms of the media these days, with almost the same zeal that the names of the signings. The Audi people need to know the names so that those who are going to play in other teams can return the car that the German brand gives them during a season: 25 players and 3 managers (Total: 28 cars). As expected, Real Madrid could not give the names of players who will leave the team before 31 August. And neither can give, yet, the names of star signings.

Cristiano Ronaldo with an spectacular blue Audi RS5
Cristiano Ronaldo with a blue Audi RS5

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