Note: Mourinho builds a Real Madrid for 10 years

The signing of Varane is the icing on the white 'Baby Boom'. Özil, Khedira, Sahin, Di Maria Canales, Callejon... The average age of the template is 24.6 years. It is the youngest team in the Champions League.

Mourinho smiles, has a young team
Mourinho has built a young Real Madrid
Real Madrid boasts of having built a team that could face the next decade without a single signing more: "A Real Madrid for 10 years".That's what the Board of Real Madrid thinks, so it could be forget the football market until 2021 and would be competing at the highest level with many of the players that are on today's template.

The incorporation of Varane, 18 years old, ​​is the culmination of a 'Baby Boom' in Real Madrid led by Jose Mourinho. In just one year, the Portuguese coach has formed a template that will war for a long time. Players like Di Maria, Özil, Khedira, Sahin, Callejón, Varane... will lay the foundations of his Real Madrid. Except Altintop and Carvalho, the coach has not signed a single player with more than 23 years. Condition to be met safely the next two signings of white set: Neymar and Coentrao.

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