Looking for rival for the 2011 Bernabeu Trophy

Guti will not return to the Bernabeu in August. Besiktas can not play the Bernabeu Trophy 2011 on August 23. Although the Turkish team and Real Madrid had initiated the contacts, the match of Europa League that Besiktas must play on day 25, has prevented the Ottoman club can move to the Spanish capital.

Guti cannot play the Bernabeu Trophy with Besuktas
Guti playing for Besiktas

In fact, it was so advanced that Real Madrid sent a draft outlining the conditions to be included in a subsequent contract as guests of the Bernabeu Trophy. This draft was published yesterday by the Turkish newspaper Vatan. The conditions specified that Madrid would take over 40 airline tickets, two nights in a five star hotel in the capital of Spain, transport of the team, material and Board of Besiktas. In addition, Besiktas would earn 150,000 euros as a guest.

Finally, despite the desire of the Turkish team to participate in the trophy, the incompatibility of dates has slowed the entire process and Guti's Besiktas is the second team to fall out of the game. Schalke was the first guest, but the fact that the German team also had Europa League match on August 25 thwarted the desire of many fans of seeing the former captain running at the Bernabeu Stadium. However, both clubs reached an agreement for which the Raul's team, and he with the number seven, will be the guest of the Bernabeu Trophy in 2012.

Real Madrid will start work today to see the possibilities that exist in the market and offer to the fans a good team for the XXXIII edition of the trophy. After the impossibility of Raul and Guti, the emotional factor was involved, the club's desire is a team of Champions (Milan, the Serie A champions or Borussia Dortmund, which won the Bundesliga with Sahin). Another possibility is to choose the champion of the Copa Libertadores (the second leg of the final takes place on Wednesday). Peñarol could be the rival (as last year) or Santos (with Neymar).

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