Roberto Carlos: "Real Madrid should sign Neymar"

Roberto Carlos analyzed the possible signing of his compatriot Neymar for Real Madrid and said: "Real Madrid should sign Neymar. I think he is ready to play in Europe. He is very good player and has to leave Brazil to succeed. If Real does not sign him, we will bring him to Anzhi, because here my Russian team has a lot of money (smiles)".

Roberto Carlos interview
Roberto Carlos

The Brazilian did not decide when was asked to choose between Neymar and Kun Aguero: "I am a close friend of Neymar and I know that Aguero is a good footballer. I can not choose between the two. On Kun, I think it would be no problem to leave Atletico to go to Real Madrid. If Figo did it from Barcelona to Madrid, I do not think Aguero has any problem. He will feel bad a month but at the end all will forget".

On his return to the Bernabeu Stadium to receive a tribute, the left defender stressed that: "It would be nice to go back there. I had a great chance to play in this great club. I hope to return and play a game at the Bernabeu. It would be unforgettable, surrounded by the fans".

And about the Spanish League, he commented: "I do not think that Barcelona is ahead of Madrid. Florentino is making a very strong team. Has signed good players and next season will surely be more equal".

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