Mourinho Tactical Board

The 'Mourinho Tactical Board', an innovative software developed by a Portuguese company that helps the tactical organization of football teams, has achieved a great success worldwide selling in about 180 countries. A spokesman for Forward Green, the Portuguese company which prompted the application at the request of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, has said the software has been sold in countries as different as Russia, China, Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Libya.

Software Mourinho Tactical Board
Mourinho Tactical Board

One of the officers of the company, Pedro Araujo, considered that the success is due to its simplicity and accessibility for "any coach" and its affordable price (ranging between 9.95 and 39.95 euros). "In Spain it has sold a lot in the area of ​​Madrid and Barcelona", said Araujo, who declined to disclose the names of the teams in the Spanish first division they acquired it.

The 'Mourinho Tactical Board', launched last April, is a network software available for different devices -from PCs to tablets- which stores information in an orderly way in order to meet the tactical and technical needs of a team. Planning practices and games simultaneously, to study the set pieces and analyze the actions of rivals are some of the options provided by this application, that 'buries' the traditional notebook.

Araujo said that Mourinho and his technical team helped to build the program with several suggestions, including the inclusion of the set ball pieces. The success of software has led the company, which only has a dozen employees, on a new feature that includes a notepad and the possibility of making videos sequences in the plays.

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