Neymar: "Will talk about the future after Copa Libertadores"

Neymar attends the press conference on training field
Neymar after the training

A few minutes from 12:00 h. Santos' training just ended. Neymar sits behind a mound of earth behind one of the goals. There, two five year olds go wearing the shirt of the team. They suffer from leukemia and the club agreed that they could meet their idol. After meeting with young people, the player moves towards the band from which, the press has followed the meeting. Santos had agreed secretly to answer a few questions of two televisions (U.S.A. and Japan) in spite of a few hours ago club said he would not talk until after the Libertadores.

The media do not waste the opportunity: Do you feel pressure to demonstrate to Europe that you can play for Real Madrid?. Neymar sighs and begins to speak: "I ​​do not mind that. I always play the best, I am player of Santos and I owe it to our supporters. And I am just focused on the Libertadores Cup and then in Copa America". And journalists ask again: What do you think then about the interest of Madrid? "(Laughter) I explained all that. Ther is nothing. I have nothing with Real Madrid. Now we play the Libertadores and then we will talk about the future". Santos press staff is angry for the intrusion. Only were allowed questions about the Libertadores.

A Japanese reporter then asks Neymar about his idols and opens other way of approach to Madrid. What are or were your idols? "The biggest was Robinho, who I met at Santos. I also really like Kaka, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and... Messi" More than likely that soon he can share dressing room with the Real Madrid players

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