Hamit Altintop will undergo surgery on Monday in Germany

Altintop, Turkish-German midfielder 28 years old, who was hired by Real Madrid on May 19, will undergo surgery next Monday in Germany due to a back injury. Yesterday, the white club made ​​an official statement on its website with this explanatory message: "Real Madrid C. F. player Hamit Altintop will undergo surgery on Monday 27 June in Germany on an L3-L4 discopathy with mild discal prolapse. The injury was diagnosed after the player experienced some pain and conservative treatment failed to have a positive effect on it. Real Madrid's Medical Services have recommended surgery to take place during the player's vacation".

Hamit Altintop

Altintop was a Mourinho's personal commitment (player was free to terminate the contract with Bayern Munich), as they were before those of Sahin and Jose Callejon. Portuguese decided to bet on him looking for a player for the right wing, because the coach does not count with Pedro Leon despite the insistence of Murcia's player on staying in Madrid. But Altintop gives problems to the new manager-coach. It was unusual that Altintop missed the final month of competition with Bayern by "sores at the back". On the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Board wanted subtract importance to it, but called for doctors to be informed about what he was suffering exactly".

In the last training before the match Turkey vs Belgium in early June, the pain in his back was reproduced and decided to tackle the problem. He spoke with Real Madrid doctors and on Saturday June 4 visited the clinic 'Sanitas'. The club said informally that he had come to get home to avoid a media storm.

They opted to respect the conservative treatment that Bayern doctors had diagnosed. Since that June 5 has been almost three weeks in which the new Real player could not subtract time to recover. At that time, nobody in the club thought it could end with Altintop in the operating theater. But the player passed a new revision and was decided to intervene surgically "Although it is not serious, those troubles will affect him and is better to intervene as soon as possible" according to note from the white club.

"The surgery is simple and can not be compared with Higuain's, who was far more serious. As Altintop was on vacation is better to do it now and he could start the League without problems" says a source at the club. But Altintop will not reach the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona (August 14 and 17) nor first match of the League (August 20). Recovery will be one and a half month to two without being able to train and four to six weeks to get good physical. So, it's hard he can play before October...

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