Ramos: "I'd give the Ballon d'Or to Casillas and Cristiano"

Sergio Ramos attended a press conference at UCLA’s sports facilities after the team’s training session in Los Angeles. One of the Real Madrid’s captains met with the press in California.

Sergio Ramos Preseason 2012
Sergio Ramos

The Spanish defender talked about his desire to start a new season with difficult challenges ahead: “A footballer should always be ambitious and try to win titles every season. We worked really hard last season and now the target is to defend the league title and to start again from scratch humbly".

Asked about the aspects of the team that had improved with regard to last year, Ramos said: “We grow over time, both personally and professionally. In every training session, we understand each other better and we have more confidence thanks to the coach. Mourinho knows the team inside out and gets the best from each player .There are few teams that can counterattack like Real Madrid, and we have improved the team’s level, both in terms of attack and defence”.

Talking about the possibility of winning the Champions League this season, the Real Madrid defender commented: “It is something I am yet to win. This is one of the best periods of my life, both professionally and personally, I want to grow and carry on winning titles. We can’t live in the past in football. We are starting and we are very excited to do so. I have an unfinished story with the Champions League and we have to work hard to get to the final. It is a dream."

His performance as central defender was fantastic last season. Despite this, Ramos is ready to play as right-back: “For me each year is a challenge. I don't Know if I am going play in that position again. I think I am more decisive in central positions, but I also enjoy playing on the right. It’s a position that I know inside out and I have good memories of playing there”.

The Ballon d’Or and the nominations of his teammates Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo was another question: “I don’t know what to say about this. There’s no clear criteria to award the Ballon d’Or. It would be fair to award it to a defender or goalkeeper. How can I not award it to Casillas? Only one goalkeeper has won it before, and I would give it to Casillas because you can always count on him as a goalkeeper and as a captain. He is the best in the world. But at the same time how am I not going to give it to Cristiano Ronaldo? There is no one like him and he makes the difference”.

About Kaka, he only had good things to say about the Brazilian playmaker: “I have not noticed anything strange about his attitude. He is our teammate and a friend who has been a member of the squad for some years. I do not think he has doubts about his future or anything bad like that. He is a good professional in every training session and a great footballer. We are all fond of him and support him”.

When Sergio Ramos was asked about the possible signings (Modric), he siad: “We have got a great squad, with amazing footballers, and one or two more will join. I like football and good football players and Modric is one of them. I played agasint him at the Euro 2012. He currently does not play in this team so I can’t say any more than that. If he comes I am sure he will bring something to the team."

Finally, Ramos also spoke about Barcelona and the first title on stake, the Spanish Super Cup: “It is too early to start talking about Barcelona. These last few years they have made a great football, just like us, but at the moment I am focused on my team. The Super Cup is a title and it’s a different experience altogether”.

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