Mourinho: "If Galliani wants to sign Kaka, he must pay"

Mourinho is a man with clear ideas and yesterday wanted to send a message to Milan vice president Adriano Galliani, at Yankee Stadium. Mourinho begins to be tired of the Italian's leader because of his flirting with Kaka, what is not good for the player. And he does not accompany his words with money. "I will be happy if Kaka stays with us and I will be happy if he want to go. In football the players play where they want. Ricardo is a very good player, is prepared to the highest level. If he decides to stay, fine. If he leaves, perfect but we will not give away the player. If they want to sign him, they have to pay", said the Portuguese coach after the game against Milan.

Kaka playing agaisnt Milan
Kaka playing yesterday agaisnt Milan

Galliani achieved his goal. The meeting with Florentino (talking about Kaka) on the grass was watched by all the football world. The Italian leader is living hard days. The Milan supporters demand the return of the prodigal son in return for the many sales of the players (Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva). The 'rossoneri' vice president, after the game, was realistic: "The operation of Kaka is very difficult because the costs are high and the salary is very high. I would say almost impossible". His strategy was to take Kaka for free, that is, on loan. Neither Mourinho nor Florentino agree with that. Milan should change positions between now and August 31. Berlusconi, meanwhile, sees the operation impossible: "We will continue talking, but we do not want to create false hopes to our fans".

Allegri, coach of Milan, spoke again about Kaka after the game and hopes that Milan can put the money on the table in the last moment: "We did not need to see him live because we all know what type of professional is, but I do not know what will happen with his future". Allegri follows exactly the strategic line drawn by the Milan board and is expecting to the last day: "The transfer window closes on August 31 and we will see what happens with the player. A class player like Kaka is accepted in any team". On the game, praised Real Madrid: "There is a difference between them and us. It was a good lesson to learn".

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