Modric's transfer seems easier; Lucas Moura to PSG.

Modric's transfer to Real Madrid begins to be unlocked. Tottenham stayed yesterday without the other buyer who longed to Croatian, PSG, whose offer of 45 million euros, was the amount that the president Daniel Levy required to whites. The French club spent a large money to sign yesterday morning the new Brazilian star, Lucas Moura and, indirectly, paved the way to the white team. Levy is no longer fixed in those 45 million and has begun to subside. According to the British press, has reduced his claim for Modric to 38 million.

Modric celebrate a goal with Tottenham
Luka Modric could be close to reaching his goal; to play for Real Madrid

Nevertheless, Real Madrid still does not want to pay that amount. The white offer is still remaining in 30 million euros with 8 variables that could be paid according to the achieve goals reached by Modric with the Real Madrid shirt. Those 8 million euros would be the main problem right now.

Florentino and Jose Angel Sanchez are working on it. They have accompanied the team during its stay in New York City for the friendly against Milan and have maintained contacts with Levy, who is also in the city for matters of a personal nature. The time now runs against the leader of the Spurs. His team debut in the Premiership on Saturday, 18 against Newcastle and Villas-Boas is nervous.

Because the troubles are not the same for both clubs. Mourinho has said he is not interested in anyone else (although is thinking about two more players, as he confessed to the media), while Tottenham are dealing with a player who feels cheated (last year, Levy promised Modric that he would leave this summer) without competition pace because he has trained alone after a period of rebellion and after the transfer request, something that England fans tend not forget. Moreover, while the money does not go in, Tottenham can't get two signings they want. One is Kamara, Partizan player, the substitute to the Croatian (Moutinho is also on the agenda), and the other is a goalkeeper, Lloris (Lyon), whose agent has hinted that already has an agreement with Tottenham: "When Modric moves to Madrid, my son will go to London. We are waiting".

With the PSG offstage, the transfer seems easier for Real Madrid. The coming days may be critical to accelerate an agreement. Villas-Boas has played a mediating role with Modric but the situation is becoming untenable. The Portuguese coach was able to lower the temperature of the conflict during the tour of Tottenham for the U.S., with the team on one side and Modric training alone in London. But he runs out of days. The English team arrived yesterday to Valencia to play today a friendly and nobody opened his mouth to talk. Villas-Boas fears the team will be only focused on Modric.

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