Preview: AC Milan vs Real Madrid (Friendly)

Five years ago, Kaka was awarded with the Ballon d'Or, the Real Madrid signed the best left side of the Euro Under-21, a player called Royston Drenthe and Europe had an enviable economic status. Today, five years later, the white team can not get rid of a problem called Kaka, Drenthe wastes his time in England without team and Europe passes through uncertain economic times. The world has taken a terrible turn, but the story still stands up in the magnificent Yankee Stadium. Real Madrid and Milan have 16 European Cups. A poster for an evening football match with many attractions.

AC Milans vs Real Madrid

Cassano, Montolivo, Nocerino and Abate, finalists at Euro 2012 with the Italian national team will play with a desire for revenge against Casillas, Ramos, Xabi, Arbeloa and Albiol. Robinho, who wanted to leave Real Madrid to move to Chelsea to be the best player in the world and ended up being a residual footballer at Manchester City, will face again his former team with a dream; to resurface. Cristiano Ronaldo, with the challenge to release his goal tally this season on a world stage as New York. And of course, Kaka. His five seasons as AC Milan player left their mark on his heart. Today more than ever will be in the spotlight and close to Milan, but has a three-year contract with Real Madrid, which is unwilling to reject a lot of money despite a lot of love.

The Brazilian player will be today in the starting lineup and the lights will focus to him... and toward the VIP zone at the Yankee Stadium. There, Florentino Perez and AC Milan vice president, Adriano Galliani, will meet for the first time this summer. And all the media expect that Galliani takes the first steps in the negotiating game by Kaka. Both could come back to see after the match. Galliani proposed a dinner and Florentino does not want to show this (if it finally happens) as a summit but as a friendly gesture between two leaders who have a good relationship for many years.

In addition, the headquarters of both teams are within walking distance of each other. Real Madrid stays at the Four Seasons, Milan in the Setai 400, just 2.5 kilometers distance to the Fifth Avenue. Galliani insists he wants a transfer on loan and that the Real Madrid should pay half of the Kaka's salary. The position of the white team does not move an inch: 30 million euros or nothing.

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