Higuain and Benzema: Duel for a starting lineup place

Benzema and Higuain. Higuain and Benzema. The two Mourinho's gunmen are fighting in their particular duel for the central forward place of Real Madrid in the far west. Each white team training in Los Angeles becomes a challenge for these players, vying for a place in the starting lineup in every minute of the preseason.

Higuain and Benzema
Higuain and Benzema

Also in the matches, where Mourinho gave them some minutes to play. Against LA Galaxy Higuain scored and on Monday against Santos Laguna, Benzema had a great performance when he jumped to the turf in the second half.

The Frenchman was the last hitting. If the Argentinian player was showcased in the first match on American soil, Karim did in the second friendly of the U.S. tour. A repertoire of passing, shooting and controls that were the best of a stuffy match, especially by heat, although neither the game was up to par.

Benzema knows that this year can not be neglected because Higuain is fitter than ever and ready to take the site. Neither he wants to. Benzema had a hard time earning the starting place and is not going to be easy to Higuain. It will not be easy for Mourinho.

Benzema has come almost as he left. With the same weight or even with some kilograms less. Since Mourinho came to Madrid, Karim cares his diet carefully. He also has much to thank the doctors of the white team, whohas marked him some guidelines to keep in shape and with some specific exercises to prevent muscle injuries that suffered in the first two years.

And the truth is that the groin injury that so much troubles gave Benzema has passed away, like the Higuain's herniated disc problems. If 'Pipita' has had a summer without competition, Karim has come from holidays with a bad taste after the France performance at the Euro 2012 where he did not score a goal. But that has motivated him more. Benzema wants to forget these bad feelings with Real Madrid and the fact is that he is very involved in training and in matches.

Benzema believes he can improve his numbers of the last season. Also Higuain. Both want to score more goals and above all win the Champions League. Their duel can only benefit Real Madrid.

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