Manchester United wants to sign Sahin

Nuri Sahin's future is still in the air. Although it seems clear that he will leave Real Madrid in the coming days, where he will play is still unknown. The Premier is the championship that more is betting on the Turkish and he likes, but the operation is not straightforward. The last team interested in Sahin is Manchester United, a club that excites the player but puts conditions that directly conflict with the interests of Real Madrid.

Nuri Sahin training with Real Madrid
Nuri Sahin

At Real Madrid want to leave Sahin on loan one year or, in the worst case, make an option to buy in case of transfer. But United does not agree. Ferguson wants the player and does not provide anything other than sign him and keep it in property. Man. United conditions make it nearly impossible, unless a large offer that would change the plans of Real Madrid. Sahin is a player with great conditions and Florentino Peres was one of its leading proponents and therefore he will not sell the player so easily.

Mourinho also appreciates the virtues of Sahin, but after a year on the sidelines, he thinks the player would grow as footballer in another club. Nuri Sahin will not play regularly in a team from the requirement of Real Madrid, with Xabi, Khedira, Lass and Granero as midfielders and waiting for Luka Modric, another player who can perform in this demarcation.

Apart from United, two clubs in the Premier want to sign Sahin. One is the Arsenal, which is closer to get the player. The agreement between Sahin and Wenger's team is almost complete, but the clubs need to agree on the percentage of the salary to be paid by each. Tottenham has also been interested in Sahin, but Real Madrid wanted to include him in Modric's operation and the London team wanted to separate the two operations.

The player is waiting for news in Los Angeles, crestfallen after checking that has not place in the Mourinho's plans but wanting to find a new team to play regularly. Sahin hopes his future is resolved, no later than next week. Wants to end this uncertainty and start working with his new team to win a starting lineup place. He does not want to delay his move and harm his year when the new season has not started yet.

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